Utilize Your Entire Wall Space with Our Austin Garage Storage Solutions

The Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is the most versatile garage organization system on the market. It is much more than a shelf, and allows you to utilize your entire wall space for storage in one simple system using our Patented Bar & Hook System that is fully adjustable as your storage needs change

The design and weight capacity of our garage shelving does not require multi-level shelves to support your items like typical shelving systems. Our single shelf allows you to fully maximize the space above the shelf to the complete height of your ceiling, while using the wall space below to hang items on the bars and hooks.

The Monkey Bar System...

Reclaim your garage with the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System; the most versatile garage organization system on the market and get your floor space back!

Our storage solution provides a few of the following outstanding features and benefits:

  • Superior Weight Capacity(no more sagging shelves!)
  • Adjustable Bars and Hooks for items like brooms, rakes, folding chairs and garden tools.
  • Fully customized for your storage needs with the ability to add on when your needs grow!
  • Exceptionally Affordable
  • Free Organizing Upon Installation