Garage Monkeyz Testimonials

The following are just a few of the many testimonials from our happy clients.

I have a 2-car garage that had become so cluttered, I couldn't fit one car in. Jane and her team at Garage Monkeyz came in and installed monkey bars* a system of shelves and hooks that provide a really efficient way of moving items off the floor yet keeping the things that are used regularly accessible. Bottom line it was worth every penny. I'm so happy w/ my reclaimed garage space. It took one day to install and everybody that see's it thinks it's great! Jane is very professional and the other installer that worked at my place (William) was obviously a craftsman that cared about doing the job correctly. Highly recommended.

Shawn K.
Austin, TX

We are extremely happy with the work Garage Monkeyz did. Very professional and great service. Also creative with ideas for space. We now have plenty of space in our garage and it appears organized. Thank you!

Mike M.
Westlake, TX

Amazing Experience! PRODUCT: I recently researched garage organization systems that would meet my families storage needs. There are many options that are less expensive for the initial foundation (rail systems), however you'll find that the cost will exceed MB (monkey barz) as you build and finalize your desired solution. What set MB apart for us was that none of the other solutions could measure up to it's high quality shelving capacity/accessories, attractiveness, service, and great total cost (product + install). SERVICE EXPERIENCE- At the end of the day, not only did MB install the system, they actually stayed and helped me ORGANIZE all my stuff! I was thrilled with their ability to meet my last minute alterations and product changes they advised for maximum usage. These recommended changes reduced my cost, demonstrating their commitment to putting the customer first. San Antonio was a bit of a drive for them but they arrived at the desired time and stayed until they were finished. To me the product speaks for it self but the service is what made the project a complete success.

M. Johnson
San Antonio, TX

Awe inspired. He walked in from the garage with his mouth to the floor. He said "I wasn't sure I was in the right house!" and said it was a wonderful surprise. —

Lee A.
Mt. Bonnell, TX

Very pleasant experience for my garage floor coating.

Ken. C
Kyle, TX

Jane Taylor and Garage Monkeyz have been fabulous to work with. You made it easy and painless to have overhead storage put in place in our garage. Many other companies we requested quotes from required consult visits, the entire garage emptied, or never contacted us back. The overhead racks look great and will allow for ample storage. With both of us working and not at home during the day, Garage Monkeyz made it easy to leave payment, come in and install the racks, and leave before we ever got home from work. It was great to come home to no mess and overhead racks ready for use. I would definitely recommend Garage Monkeyz to friends looking for the same storage solutions and I plan to look at our separate single car garage for additional racking in the future.

Joe B.
Steiner Ranch, TX

As soon as you guys left, Matt said, "I really, really like it. I'm so glad you did it." Hahahahaha!!! He was sooooo skeptical that it would work well. Thank you and William so much for everything!!!

Christine F.
Circle C, TX

Jane came by personally to measure our garage and, by the same afternoon, she'd provided us with with a written estimate and diagram of the proposed installations. If you want to work with someone who listens AND get a great, sturdy product, I can't recommend Garage Monkeyz more. Jane knew how to use what little space we had in a cramped one car garage to the max and we're delighted with the result!

Jan F.
Austin, TX